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Frequently asked questions we receive

At Dream Bat Company customer service is our top priority and we want to make your shopping experience with us the best we can make it. See our list below of frequently asked questions to help guide you with your buying process or any concerns that you may have when ordering with us.

If you do not see the answer to your question below please email us at

  • What is the warranty on your wood bats?
    So you want to know about warranties on wood bats? Great question. Most companies who offer a "free" warranty on a bat often build the cost of a warranty into the price of the bat. Many times their bats will cost north of $150. We offer a optional BREAKAGE COVERAGE option that will cover your bat for a free replacement if it breaks. No questions asked. You can purchase this coverage for any custom or instock bat. The important thing to understand with wood bats is that a wood bat can actually break on the very first swing. It is all about the batters barrel recognition. If a player consistently hits on the sweet spot, that bat will live a very long and happy life. If the batter is fooled by the pitcher and makes contact closer to the handle or further down on the barrel (not the sweet spot), that bat risks being broken. We will replace a bat for free if there happen to be a manufacturers defect. Very rare will this be the case.
  • How long will my order take to ship?
    Custom Bats will take 7 to 10 days typically. Sometimes sooner and unfortunatley sometimes longer. This all depends on the time of year the bat is purchased. Typically busy season is March-September and longer wait times tend to occur then. If you are purchasing an available in stock bat, your bat can ship the same day!
  • How do I care for my wood bat?
    Store your wood bat vertically, handle up. Clean your bat with alcohol after using and keep the bat dry during storage. Use linseed oil if your bat gets wet. You may smooth the bat using a piece of bone or similar hard surface.
  • What is the quality of wood used in your bats?
    Our wood bats are cut from our top 10% of maple, ash, or birch billets. We also offer a Pro Prime Reserve wood option which means your wood bat is being made with the top 3% of wood available, the same quality as the top pros.
  • How do I know what bat to choose?
    That is a great question, we offer different types of woods that come in a variety of sizes and weights. See our bat guide for more details. click here for bat guide
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