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DB Fungo Bat is made of MLB grade Maple, Ash, or Birch at lengths in .5" increments from 33" to 35.5" in length.


To stay in the lineup, players need to be as sharp on defense as they are at the dish. Designed to be the ultimate wood fungo bat, this bat is handcrafted from the same top-quality maple used on all of our Pro Model bats for superior performance and durability.


Fungo bats are relatively lightweight training bats used by coaches and parents during fielding practice. They serve the purpose of simulating in-game hits to help position players work on their fielding. Fungo drills require the coach or parent to perform constant repetitions of tossing a ball into the air and hitting it to players during fielding practice. Due to its light weight, the fungo bat is favorited among most baseball coaches.


DB Custom Fungo

Handle Color
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